Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lights, cameras, action

So I made it to Sorroti. First leg Leeds to London. No probs. Second leg, London to Emtebbe. Fine. Third leg. Emtebbe to Kampala at around midnight local time. We get around ten minutes into the trip, and someone pipes up 'have we got any lights on?' Cue driver being put out as he 'can drive with no lights' and WaterAid doing the right thing and taking to a nearby petrol station and finding some replacement vehicles. So a very long day!

Today, we have travelled in convoy to Soroti, via Jinga and Mbale. The scenery was stunning and the landscape varied massively, from city, to forests, to lakes, mountains, mangroves and swamps. There were people everywhere and we tried our hardest to take photos as we went. The record for the number of Jerry cans of water on a bike was six.

Anyway, we have a five o clock start tomorrow and get to see some real WaterAid action, so that's all for now. Just to tease you though, I will be spending tomorrow with a teacher, his wife and children. Sound similar to anyone you know?

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