Saturday, November 22, 2014

Party! For World Toilet Day

We were joined by heaps of dignitaries at Amuria Primary School for a formal celebration to mark World Toliet Day. The Ugandans are big on protocol, and by heck they can talk. Four and a half hours sitting in the midday heat trying to stay interested is really hard work.

There were representations by everyone, including ourselves, local councillors, politicians and most impressively, three government ministers. They were all engaged with the work in Amuria to eradicate open dedication, and the area is the best improved in Uganda, but as I have seen there is a long way yet to go.

The speeches were interjected with entertainment, great songs from the kids about how to use the toilet and brush your teeth. Local dancing. An out of tune brass band.

The final act was for the minister of health to kick open defication into history, a football was slam dunked into WaterAid's toilet costume.

The relief at the end was tangible and we all broke into dance with the kids, jumping about and going crazy. We all loved it. It means so much to them. We have to support Uganda to deliver.

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